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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Campfire Crescents with Fried Bananas and Nutella

The title says it all. I wanted something besides hot dogs to cook in our first bonfire of the season. I've made fried bananas, and I've made nutella stuffed crescent rolls over a camp fire (thanks, Pinterest!) so why not combine?

I'm afraid you'll have to settle for this picture of some of the ingredients. I didn't have my phone with me for the fire, and they got eaten up instantaneously. I'm still grossed out by the fact that we ate all of them.

2 medium-large ripe bananas
2 TBS butter
splash dark rum
1 package crescent rolls
~3 TBS chocolate nut spread of choice

Also needed
cast iron pan
metal spatula
aluminum foil

Place pan over fire, preferably on a grate/grill designed for such purposes. Plop butter in pan and wait until it starts sizzling and getting brown. Meanwhile, cut up the bananas: slice in half lengthwise, and then cut 2-3 sections, depending on the length of your bananas.


Dump your bananas in the pan with the butter and arrange in a single layer. Cook, flipping occasionally, until they have browned on both sides. Sprinkle some rum in the pan and cook a few more seconds while it evaporates.

In the mean time, prep your crescents by spreading about a teaspoon of chocolate nut spread on the widest part. When the bananas are done, place one banana slice in each crescent and roll up. Chow down any leftover bananas like you haven't eaten all week. Place the rolled up crescents into the pan and cover with aluminum foil.

Here's the tricky part - you will have to pay attention because the cooking directions will depend upon how hot your fire is, and how close the pan is to that heat. If you can keep the pan a bit out of the heat, you should be able to simply cook them for 5 minutes, flip, and another 5 minutes. If not, and if you have a super hot fire, you may instead want to put the pan right in the fire on its own, and when it's gotten super hot, pull it out of the fire and have someone help you get the crescents in super fast, cover with foil, and let it cook that way.

I may  have burned mine a bit waiting too long to flip, but we ate them all anyway. Because we're gross.